Campaign Finance Reform Proposal

In the last election cycle, 132 Americans accounted for sixty percent of all the Super Political Action Committees (PACs) money (Lessig 2013). With statistics like this, it is no wonder the average American does not feel as though his or her vote is meaningful. In the current American way of government elections, the average citizen does not choose the candidate; he or she merely deciphers which best fits his or her beliefs the best out of the ones suggested by the large election donators. The question at hand here is whether there should be an amendment that limits the amount of money corporations and organizations can give to potential political figures, as well as organizations that fund these figures?
Elected officials are not wrong for taking funds, it just confirms that the citizens are not getting the voice they are supposed to have according to the constitution. This is why year after year incumbents are reelected, but the approval rating of congress is unsettlingly low. In the 2002 congressional elections, 94% of the candidates who raised the most money won their races (Ack…




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