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Read case 16.1 “Will Fiat Be Successful in the United States This Time?” (p. 503) and answer the following questions.
1.    As an organization, what must Fiat do to ensure its reentry into the US market does not end in the same way as its previous entry did in the 1980s?
2.    Fiat has reintroduced itself to the US through various means, a new car brand, its namesake Fiat, and sharing its technology to launch a new Dodge branded vehicle. From an organizational perspective, which one of these approaches makes the most sense? Justify your answer.
3.    Even though Fiat has its own branded network of dealers in the US, how might the Fiat-Chrysler organization be designed to allow the Fiat brand to take maximum advantage of the relationship?
Remember to answer the questions using the facts of the case and the concepts introduced in the textbook


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