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Nike Golf is the subsidiary of the Nike Company, which was created with the primary objective of promoting the equipment, apparel, footwear and other accessories for use in the golf sport. It was started in 1996 with the primary goal of designing and marketing sports apparel and footwear for the golf sport. Nike Golf headquarters are situated in Beaverton, Oregon in the United States. The focus of Nike Golf is to continuously innovate enhanced products for the athletes as well as enthusiasts of the golf sport across the world. The company is a center stage for providing competitiveness through designing advanced products for the athletes. Some of the products designed and produced by the company include golf balls, golf clubs, lunar control golf men’s shoes and vapor fly steel shafts. On designing the products, the company gives tenders for manufacturing to factories distributed across the world to over 40 countries. Nike has over 750 retail stores and has employed more than 48,000 employees according to the financial year of 2013 (Nike CR Report, 2014). Notably, Nike Golf creates the passion for the game through sponsoring golf clubs in the competitions.


The decline in the revenues of a company can be associated with low sales which are attributable to discretionary spending pattern of the consumers especially with a slump in the market with most clients. One of the primary reasons that is attached to a depreciation in the revenues for a company is low consumption by consumers in the market. When a company captures a sizeable market share its focus is to continually meet the current demand. However, market dynamism that is characterized by variation in consumers’ purchasing behavior and change in tastes and preferences results to a decline. For instance, a decrease in number of participants in the golf sport may consequently lead to decrease in sales and ultimate revenue. A slump in the sales of company like Nike Golf can b






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