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Design and implement a new encryption/decryption cipher
For this coursework you are required to work in a group to design and implement a new encryption/decryption cipher –
inspired by (but different to) existing ciphers of your choice, and produce an associated 2,500-3,000 word group report
as detailed below.
Instructions for fulfilling the task:
Briefly describe a range of existing ciphers that you have studied and explain in detail those that helped inspired your
cipher. Describe the weaknesses and strengths of each of those ciphers and explain why you chose to base the design of
your own encryption/decryption cipher upon them.
The range of cipher ,we studied
Caesar cipher
Monoalphabetic ciphers
Playfair cipher
Polyalphabetic ciphers
Transposition ciphers
Product ciphers
Rotor machines
Fully specify and document your cipher and include the following:
full explanation and detailed description of your encryption algorithm
full explanation and detailed description of your decryption algorithm
diagrammatically present the steps for both your encryption and decryption algorithm
step-by-step walkthrough examples of your encryption/decryption algorithms
evaluate your cipher – including a detailed description of its strengths and weaknesses and justify which
particular categories of application you think it would be best suited
Implement your cipher for demonstration purposes this can be either as an Excel spreadsheet, or via any programming
language of your choice… and ensure it is fully tested and evaluated.
Assume that the users of your cipher are people who want to understand and learn how your cipher works; therefore ensure
your implementation is user friendly and that it presents the outputs at each step of the detailed encryption/decryption

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