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work on the following Research on Agile in
the eCommerce channel, highlighting the best practices and practical
execution around the following topics:
i) Governance – Focus on the best practices in what companies do in
activities including PM reporting / Fiscal and Budget reporting / New
generation governance model
ii) Execution – We need to identify at an application level to
highlight the best practice in each stage of execution.
iii) Performance metrics – KPIs on how to measure metrics e.g., effect
effectiveness, speed with Agile implementation in eCommerce space.
iv) Collaboration tools and techniques for distributed teams – Deep
dive the best collaboration tools including AGILE enabling tools and
activity logs and their benefits and techniques of adoption
v) Skillsets – of various AGILE Roles, e.g., Scrum Master, Product
Owner and other roles in the firm that has implemented AGILE
vi) Roles –  for various AGILE roles, defining the what has to be
their focus and mandates of operations
vii) Organizational models (ex. organize teams by applications or by
products?) Adoption and structure in firms that have implemented AGILE


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