Medicine and Health

Effective communication skills are vital to the success of health care teams. Discuss.
discuss at a basic level concepts of health and disability
describe at an introductory level the roles of allied health professionals within a inter-professional team
demonstrate at an introductory level the ability to use information technology resources and research data bases

Academic Journal Article Assignment

Academic Journal Article Assignment
Here is my instructor request below, first you can go to the website to choose an article which you want to write, can see the format, thanks:
1.Go to our course LibGuide at httpss://
2.Chose a journal article from the tab “Sample Research Articles”
3.Claim the article by creating a discussion “thread” and title it using the first name in the list of authors of the article
4.After reading your article, edit your own thread by answering the following questions
What is the issue that the researcher(s) were addressing?
What question did the researcher(s) try to answer through their analysis?
What source did the researcher(s) use to define a set of “data” to analyze?
How did the researcher(s) go about analyzing the data (what “method” did they use)?
In what way did the data analysis answer the questions they were asking?
What did they think they could have done better?
Why do the researcher(s) think this information is important for others to know about (So what?)


Business logistics and statistics

Scenario: You have now, due to a remarkable stroke of brilliant networking, left the
company you originally worked for during assignment two because, while in the process
of evaluating the company you chose for assignment two, you (being the charismatic
person you are) made some invaluable contacts and negotiated yourself into a better
position at the very company you evaluated! As Milton might reminisce, fate has a
strange way of meandering through the lives of its participants. There is no time for
philosophizing now, though, because you find yourself in an enviable position in
management, and the first task you have before you is to generate a proposal based on
some aspect of the evaluation you conducted for assignment two.

You may propose,
for example, a new marketing strategy. Perhaps you have an idea for a new
advertisement. Alternatively, you may propose a new internal business policy to
enhance the efficiency of the company you evaluated. The evaluation you generated
for assignment two may not have been exhaustive, but it certainly provided an
opportunity for detailed insight into the company at hand. Consider how the company
may go about either (1) improving upon certain strengths you identified or (2)
addressing and remedying any weaknesses the evaluation uncovered. You might first
want to conduct a targeted SWOT to refine your analysis of the company, but consider
such an exercise to be a form of pre-writing. The ultimate goal of the proposal is to offer
real and practical suggestions to improve the company you considered for essay two.
Any number of proposals could be made to satisfy this assignment, so you have some
latitude here, and you should have general familiarity of the company because of the
work you completed during assignment two.

Consider all relevant logistics and statistics regarding the company you evaluated for
assignment two. Now, develop a
detailed and specific
proposal on a subject of your
choosing for the company. Avoid “magical thinking” — the repository of unreasonable
expectations and unlimited resources. Consider and clearly identify your audience for
the proposal, and use those strategies from lecture, discussion, and the texts you
believe are most effective to accomplish your goal. Counterarguments, in an effort to
avoid the logical fallacy of slanting, should be a part of the response. The proposal, a
specific form of a short report, may very well require research to rise to the burden of
proof, and the stronger responses likely will include a number of secondary sources to
support the framework of the proposal. After you identify the subject of your proposal
and your audience, begin a draft of your paper. You are welcome to use parts of the
second assignment you drafted, but cite them according to MLA as sources (unless
otherwise instructed by your TA) if you do so (in text and in a “works cited” page).
Submit your final paper to SafeAssign by noon on May 14th.
This assignment must be formatted according to the direction of your TA though there is
an expectation of clear citation any time you use outside material.



What would be the biggest benefits and biggest problems of legalized euthanasia? How significant would these benefits or drawbacks be to your society?
In light of the potential benefits and risks, do you think that legislation to legalize specific forms of euthanasia in limited cases should be considered?

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You are to prepare a report on the size, location, purchasing power, and marketing potential for the 3 largest minority target markets in the country. Hispanic Americans, African Americans, and Asian Americans. It can be either Narrative or outline form.Total numbers in the U.SPercent of the Total U.S populationRate of GrowthAverage household sizeAverage age% with College degreesAverage or median income levelsGeographic location(s) Metro, states etc. Brands that have higher than average purchasing for each groupIdentify specific products which have above average usage for each groupBest media to use to target each group.Evaluate and summarize the overall business potential of each minority market for national marketer.




Critically evaluate contributions from the field of organisational psychology to the processes of employee selection and performance evaluation in the workplace.

Critically evaluate contributions from the field of organisational psychology to the processes of employee selection and performance evaluation in the workplace.
Note: Be sure to reference all source materials you draw from in your essay
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You recently have been hired by a manufacturing company (ABC Complete Kitchens, Inc.) to develop the business framework and strategic plan for a new plant operation.

You recently have been hired by a manufacturing company (ABC Complete Kitchens, Inc.) to develop the business framework and strategic plan for a new plant operation. The plant will open in six months within a Midwestern U.S. community. Your job is to develop the required tools, plans, policies, practices, and strategic operating framework for the plan so that the Board of Directors can take over operations once the plant opens.
The plant assembles and ships industrial kitchen equipment for restaurants associated with hotels and convention centers. The plant uses both supplier-produced parts and its own manufactured components for the kitchen equipment. Final products are packaged and ready for shipment at the plant.

At peak operation, which is estimated to take approximately 90 days once the plant opens, the plant will have a workforce of about 500 employees. The workforce includes hourly employees, supervisors, managers, and the executive staff.
The company has acquired an existing facility for the plant. Your job is to design and develop the business structure to include workforce management, financial and accounting systems, and the strategic integration plan for the new plant.
For this first written assignment (Activity #2 for SKS5000), your requirement is as follows.
The Board of Directors of ABC Complete Kitchens, Inc., wants you to give them an overview presentation regarding the management of the new plant. Specifically, the Board of Directors wants you to describe and analyze key management aspects of the plant, including the workforce hiring processes, operations management, and the workforce management.
1. Develop a PowerPoint presentation for this assignment that includes the hiring strategies for the new manufacturing plant for a presentation to be delivered to the Board of Directors of ABC Complete Kitchens, Inc.
Within the presentation, you must describe and analyze the following key business environment considerations relative to this new manufacturing plant:
a. Workforce planning and recruitment considerations
b. Job performance and job satisfaction considerations relative to employee retention
Length: 10-12 slides (with a separate reference slide) with 100 -150 words per slide. Additional notes for the PowerPoint slides can be included in the notes section.
2. Develop a job posting that can be used on a job search site for an hourly employee OR supervisor. You only need to create one job posting for one of the positions.
Length: 1 page job posting (app. 350 words per page)
Be sure to include citations for quotations and paraphrases with references in APA format and style. Make sure your presentation follows good PowerPoint design principles (e.g., readable font, uses one template, one-inch borders around the slides) and contains transitions, builds, and animation when appropriate.


Criminal Justice Law

Define the difference between jail and prison.
In addition, define the term rabble as it relates to the concept of American jails being a form of “rabble management.”
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Provide your opinion on the value and effectiveness of jails as forms of rabble management for society.
Your discussion should be 300-400 words in length.
Support your claims with examples from scholarly resources, and properly cite any references in APA form.
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My task is to review the literature relevant to the Course case study: Genocide in Rwanda: Leadership, ethics and organisational ‘failure’ in a post-colonial context. I am to examine and illustrate the different frameworks of leadership available to understand the relations between the leadership approaches and contexts which influenced the particular approaches. In the review, I should also express ideas, concepts, and arguments in a logical and coherent written form consistent with academic standards.