Bernadette psychoanalytic finding

cover page Alpichon Lavalais ,Upper Iowa University PSY 432 . Analyza patient Beradette has been having a hard time
lately . she has been seemed very critical of her work lately . She did not get the raise she badly need and ot looks
like she will continue to be behind on her bills .On top of that , her husband has requested a trail separation .
Bernadette has thrown herself into her work . she has came for therapy because she feels lost and hopeless that things
will get better . 1. analyze Bernadette’s situation from a psychoanalytic perspective 2. explain what defense mechanisms
Bernadette seems to be using and why . 3 Describe relevant psychoanalytic concepts and or theories , as well as ethical
considerations that would apply to Bernadette’s situation . Must be my on study and no sources / references

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