Basic Nursing Care in Pressure Sore Prevention

For many hundreds of years, pressure sores have been recognized clinically. Throughout this time different pedagogies have been explicated to prevent patients from developing pressure sores (R. J. G. Halfens & M. Eggink 1995). What is more, less is known about the effectiveness of these methods. On account of this observation the author opted to recapitulate the fundamental care of preventing pressure sores among high risk individuals in a nursing home setting.

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The writer will select the topic, Basic Nursing Care in Pressure Sore Prevention as a learning need to cope with placement demands. Keywords like “nursing care”, “pressure sore”, “bedsore”, and” prevention” are to be highlighted. Appropriate databases will be determined. For this topic, PubMed, CINAHL Plus. Google Scholar would be suitable. The option of finding other informative sources such as RCT’s, review studies and guidelines …




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