Article Critique on Current Ethical Issues in Nursing

Nursing research practice has encountered emerging issues that result from inadequate clarity in ethical standards. During research the nurses are presented with conflicting tasks that they have deal with that relate to defense of the rights of the subjects and upholding the dignity of nursing advocacy. The research entail collecting data of the subjects while ensuring their confidentiality, privacy and operating under uniform consent of the subjects. These ethical standards have to be followed as stipulated by the laws and nursing practice. However, the challenge emerges in the case of incongruence in the nature of nursing and respective ethical standards to adhere to during research. This article on major issues in conducting nursing research presents the emerging conflicts experienced by nurses as the focus on complying with the ethical standards.

The article states that during research the nurses have to ensure the rights to autonomy of the patient is protected. This means that the researchers have to maintain integrity through protecting the liberty of the clients and ensuring the choice of participating was personal consent. In requesting for participation in the study, the nurses have to indicate the purpose of the study and the methods that would be used to protect their anonymity. Furthermore the participation should be voluntary and for the common interest of the individual and society. On another instance, the article presents a discussion on the principle of beneficence whereby the research should not inflict any harm on the subjects or findings be obsolete. When the results do not meet this principle the research is faced with ethical discrepancies.

The article further discusses the aspects of ensuring…



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