Art between China and Western

The Chinese and the Western cultures have their communication modes become more prevalent and raised word’s attention due to the increased interactions at the international level. The cooperation between these two cultural backgrounds has born stronger ties with cultural interaction and engagement through communication which a very essential tool in art. Plays are very important aspects of every culture and are used as vessels for relaying message to the larger society, educating, entertaining and fostering interactions. They build the perspectives of social etiquette, enable understanding between people and reduce misinterpretations which may result to negative effects such as war due to cultural collisions. The ability to bring the Chinese and the Western cultural practices in a sharing platform despite the diversity of these two broad cultures has been magnificent and attributed to many factors such as education, technology and industrialization. The differences in cultural practices between these two distinct backgrounds are revealed in the plays which is a representation of human activities of the people and their way of life.

Nowadays the international communication has become more frequent with the rise of need to embrace social etiquette. In communication of people from whichever background, the general emphasis is on social etiquette and this applies in stage performances where the audience focus on the same. Social etiquette is a rule in the social communication among the people, usually a code of behavior that is in line with the society’s norms. On the other hand a taboo is subject or behavior that is forbidden to use because of social reasons rather than legal prohibitions. These two aspects are common bases within the two cultures and their understanding means enhancing a good interactive atmosphere despite any other differences. The auditorium for performance in Chinese play are focused on elements of their traditions exclusively without borrowing much from other cultures and it will be traditional based. The used the drums in performance and the costumes were made of light linen clothing often white in color and simple which suited their homeland weather and activities of martial arts. In western, things have changed and it is rare to find a play exclusive of traditional instruments unless it is entirely based on the historical period…..



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