Question 1: Write an essay about the Sherpas. Use the book for this information. You also may (if you feel it will
enhance your essay) use the You Tube video on “Why Sherpas Climb,” and the one on yarsagumba harvesting
Question 2: choose either (or more than one from) the Afghan people (choose the Taliban specifically, if you like, or
compare the general population to them), the Sibertan Yupiks, The Ik people, or the Nenetsi as the topic of your essay.
Consider what makes the people you choose who they are—in their eyes, in outsiders’ eyes, the result of assimilation into
the dominant culture, etc.—whatever applies.
Quistion 3: write an essay about yourself. (After all, you are a person of the world.) In other words, how do the
identity terms above apply to you? Tip, if you need it: Think of the first word you would use to describe yourself, then
think of the many words you could use to describe yourself. Explain. WRITE 15 LINES
Question 4: Find about the major Tibetan Buddhist beliefs of the Sherpas. the book also adequately covers this topic.
Discuss at least two of these major foundational beliefs discussed either place. Tell me what each belief (I can think
of at least five of them, but you only need two) is, and briefly tell me how it affects the lives of Sherpa people.
Question 5: read about what event changed Christina Lamb’s “war junky” kind of attitude into something far more sober.
Briefly describe that event and cite the page number(s) in the Sewing Circles of Herat on which she talks about this
Question 6: As peoples of the world, give me two suggestions/solutions to the problems relative the short video “World
Population.” Watch this video: httpss://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4BbkQiQyaYc. Begin your essay by telling me how the
video impacted you.
Question 7: When all is said and done, what did you get out of this course? What’s the bottom line? The, “So what?” In
other words, what were the most important things you learned—and will take with you? Consider not only facts (which are
very important, of course), but also larger concepts. List five things—and explain to me *why* they are important to
you. Write a separate paragraph for each item!
WRITE 20 LINES Here use the 2 files that I uploaded.
Question 8: Watch “The Story of Stuff” on line httpss://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9GorqroigqM. tell me how the topic of this
video applies to (impacts) any of the peoples of the world we’ve discussed in this course. Choose at least one group.
Question 9: Again, watch the “The Story of Stuff” on line httpss://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9GorqroigqM. Discuss at least
two ways that you plan to tackled the dilemma illustrated in “The Story of Stuff.” Explain.

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