Answer two Discussion post questions 2 pages in total for Industrial and organizational psychology class

Answer two dicussion post questiosn 1 page per question!

1- Explain how the contemporary workforce differs from the work force prior to affirmative action. What are the differences in the core values of employers and employees between then and now? Are these differences a result of the more diverse workplace? Why or why not?
Is Affirmative Action synonymous with Affirming Diversity in the work place? Does a more diverse workplace translate into a more effective workplace? Does a more diverse workplace instill tolerance and understanding of different cultures in individuals, or does it lead to conflict and poor performance?
Backup your ideas with outside references.

2- The Myers- Briggs test is often used in workplace assessment.  Take a similar test and describe your thoughts of your experience:  
Describe the usefulness of these types of tests in workplace assessment. Make sure you include at least two references, not including the reference for the assessment itself. Also, be sure to use proper APA format, with the exception of the use of first person for this paper.

Important READ******************************************************************
*Use 2 references with citations from different sources to back up what your writing.
*APA 6th edition format only



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