Anand Pandian- Cooked stalks

Imagine you are one of Anand Pandian’s Kallar interviewees. Pick any Kallar name/character he introduces in the book and using that person’s voice write a first
person response:
(1) Briefly outline the history of the Kallars–once warriors, the anti-Kallar movement of 1896, the Criminal Tribes Act and its impact from 1918-1947, how are
they faring now?
(2) Explain the ideas about restraint and cultivation in traditional Tamil culture AND British colonial ideology which were imposed on the “savage/thieving”
Kallars to make them “civilized”?
(3) How do you as a Kallar, react to the ideas of restraint, agrarian toil and virtue? Do you accept, reject, are you ambivalent or have mixed feelings?


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