Analysis of a Nursing Career

Nursing is a fun and rewarding job that has a lot of room for growth and development. It’s an occupation that requires a lot of people skills and some scientific knowledge. Nursing is field that demands a lot, but also gives a lot in return.
Being a nurse will require a number of different tasks to be done. Some of which are “evaluating and assessing the patient’s illness and recording the data needed to provide treatment. Also, what is needed to succeed in nursing is being able to provide emotional help to the patients and provide and nice calm and helpful atmosphere”. (Statistics) Nursing is a very interactive job that requires a lot of emotional support for the patients and at times, other nurses as well. It is very common for nurses to experience fatigue, both emotionally and physically.
With being a nurse you must be able to handle a lot of different kinds of stress. These include emotional stress such as if a patient dies, and physical stress as being a nurse may require lifting of equipment and maybe even patients. What also comes with all this stress is the ability to rea…




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