ALL organisational change can be planned and managed

  • Reflect on your allocated role within the group and consider how, because of this role, your view of the change might have been similar to or different from the views of your other team members
  • Reflect on how viewing change from the position of this role might have altered the ways in which you viewed the process of change

Use these reflections to consider why people in different roles might have differing and conflicting views of change, and why different people might have different perspectives on whether or not ALL change can be planned and managed.

  • Reflect on the ways in which the theories and concepts studied influence your views of the change

Use this reflection to consider how viewing theory through the lens of practice helps to identify the strengths and limitations of the different approaches to change

Use this reflection to consider the ways in which the context of change might make specific theories and concepts more or less useful


  • Use theory throughout to underpin the discussions. You can use any of the theories or concepts from the taught sessions, from the module text books or from your wider reading, for example, you may (or may not!) wish to consider:
    • How operating across different international contexts influences your ability to plan and manage change
    • How the structure and the culture of the organisation might have an impact on change
    • How OD and the idea of multi-level, multi-focus change has an impact


  • Use your views on the political nature of change to see how people in different roles viewed things, consider who was the most powerful or the most persuasive in bringing people around to their views of change.



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