Abuse of hard drugs has led to addiction of most users since they cause drug cravings that lead to a state where the victims cannot live normally without. Some of the highly abused drugs are cocaine and marijuana both of which are taken into the body in various forms such as inhaling, intravenously, smoked or mixed with foodstuffs. Cocaine is a highly addictive drug that causes physical, emotional and psychological harm to the users in attempt to stop using it, hence encouraging continuous intake while harming the body. It has been prescribed as a highly addictive drug since it gives the users short periods of ”highness”, which is an exaggerated feeling of excitement and cause the users to struggle to feel good after that moment. To help the addicts attain lifelong recovery, rehabilitation centers have been established to treat and support the addicts from the addiction state.

The substance-induced disorders have been rampant and several research institutions have diagnosed several symptoms among the users. One of the greatest effects of drug abuse especially cocaine and marijuana are personality and health disorders. Personality disorder is characterized by anxiety, sleep, mood, hallucinatory behavior, uncooperativeness, irritability and restlessness, grandiosity and excitement. A personality disorder can be described as a disorder of lesser symptoms and diagnosed on Axis 2. The health disorders are mainly characterized by physical malfunctions such respiratory effects, rapid heartbeat, bronchitis, chest pain, gastrointestinal complications, weight loss, tremors and muscle jerks. In serious cases, cocaine addiction can lead to cocaine….



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