Ada Lovelace


Paper details 
Include the place and time period that s/he lived. Did the time, place, or people influence him/her? Did it influence the circumstances?
What were the reasons s/he chose to study mathematics? Was their choice a challenge and/or influenced by the events and/or ways people lived at the time?
What field(s) of math did s/he study? Describe it in your own words briefly.
What do you think were her/his accomplishments that made her/him well-known in the mathematical community? If he/she is deceased, were the accomplishments recognized during their lifetime?
Discuss any challenges in this person’s life that made his/her success even more challenging.

Include a picture.
Any direct quotes MUST be cited. I expect you will paraphrase some of what you read, but please try as much as possible to put it in your own words. While you may be tempted to cite each paraphrased idea because it is new to you, these ideas are likely commonly known by mathematicians and scientists. When in doubt you should cite your sources or ask for assistance, but ask yourself if I or another mathematician likely consider it common knowledge.
You must have at least three sources other than the Wikipedia/Encyclopedia you begin with (which you should also include in your list of citations). Be sure that these are reputable sources.
In this paper I expect at least one book to be used as a source.


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