Academic Journal Article Assignment

Academic Journal Article Assignment
Here is my instructor request below, first you can go to the website to choose an article which you want to write, can see the format, thanks:
1.Go to our course LibGuide at httpss://libguides.ufv.ca/cmns351lafever
2.Chose a journal article from the tab “Sample Research Articles”
3.Claim the article by creating a discussion “thread” and title it using the first name in the list of authors of the article
4.After reading your article, edit your own thread by answering the following questions
What is the issue that the researcher(s) were addressing?
What question did the researcher(s) try to answer through their analysis?
What source did the researcher(s) use to define a set of “data” to analyze?
How did the researcher(s) go about analyzing the data (what “method” did they use)?
In what way did the data analysis answer the questions they were asking?
What did they think they could have done better?
Why do the researcher(s) think this information is important for others to know about (So what?)


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