A Look at the Nursing Profession

A. History & Development
The history and development of the nursing profession is very interesting. Theoretically, nursing is believed to have began in the home as a result of the tradition of women taking care of their family when needed, whether it be the role of a wife, a daughter, a mother, or a sister (Self Growth). Women were the typical use for the care of society. Nursing beginning in the home is just a basic belief that came about from modern type thinking. Nursing became very popular in times of war. Nurses were needed to care for the army and the military, and all those who were hurt from the war.
Florence Nightingale is considered the founder of modern nursing. She was a very religious woman and an English nurse that worked to improve the poor conditions of her time by helping out her community and improving and maintaining the health of society (Wikipedia). She wrote a book called, “Notes on Nursing,” in which she layed down the profession and key points of the profession (Self Growth). She is considered the most influential person in the development of nursing. One…




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